The Rainbow - Junior High Curriculum

Science curriculum for children in Junior High School.
All laboratory equipment and supplies are included!
Complete two-year science curriculum.
Safe, easy, and fun at home.

Bridge Math - Bringing Math and Science Together - Beginnings Publishing

Math and science are mistakenly taught separately.
Too often resulting in students giving up on science.
Bridge Math solves this problem with a short 7-week course.
After Bridge Math students will excel in high school science.

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The Spectrum - Senior High Curriculum

Fulfill all requirements for a lab-based chemistry course.
Practical-problem-solving skills and scientific reasoning.
One-year chemistry course completed three days a week.
Equivalent an honors chemistry.

The Colors - Elementary Curriculum

The release of this curriculum for 10-12-year-olds has been significantly delayed. At this time we do not yet have an anticipated release date for The Colors. Please continue to check back here for updates.

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Book Quality

Books published by Beginnings Publishing House are of high quality, written by Ph.D.-level scientists, artistically and expertly laid out and professionally text edited. The technical illustration and photography were also executed in professional quality. The Rainbow™ contains four-color-process visual matter on every page. The user-friendly writing style brings even the most difficult scientific concepts down to earth.

Laboratory Quality

The laboratories contain professional quality scientific glassware that will provide years of service, all required chemicals pre-measured in their appropriate quantities (no analytical balance or other special equipment required), hard-to-locate items, and everything else needed to safely and easily do the laboratories at home.

Labs are broken down into durable equipment and renewable supplies so that student after student can enjoy learning from the same set by replacing only those items that are consumed. The laboratory activities are led by the student workbook, which includes procedures, reinforcement tools, data tables, and semester tests. They highlight and reinforce the student text material in synchrony.