Rainbow - Junior High Science Curriculum

The Rainbow is a serious, two-year, total science curriculum for 12-14-year-old students. The beautifully illustrated text is packed with lovely multicolor photographs and is written by an experienced teacher and loving father of five home-schooled children.

This isn’t a typical, dry textbook. In fact, your kids will be looking forward to that next chapter and smiling in anticipation of that next laboratory exercise. The Rainbow gives your student the theory–the thorough grounding in scientific principles–and the application–the fascinating laboratory exercises, memorable field trips, and other extracurricular activities.

High-quality science education. The Rainbow is a curriculum that will profoundly affect your kids’ understanding of God’s world, aid in their academic success, and serve as a springboard for the pursuit of any science-related career.

You can teach this stuff! Practically no prep time is required. Students will work thirty minutes to an hour, three times a week. About five to fifteen minutes with the Teacher’s Helper will allow you to gauge their comprehension and assure that they are giving their studies the required consideration.

You won’t have to coax. Your kids will love learning physics by “Jumping off of Asteroids in Outer Space” and chemistry by “Making Molecules.” What child can resist learning biology by collecting plants and animals?

What Reviewers Have Said

“This course looks like a winner to my husband, Bill, the MIT graduate, who reviewed it. He says, ‘I highly recommend it.’”

“This delightful science curriculum is specifically designed for Chirstian home school students. The full-sized, full-color paperback text is written in a personal, friendly style that makes it fun to read, and concepts are simply and clearly explained. A separate lab manual for the student gives detailed and often humorous instructions for the weekly experiment. Also available is a neatly packaged set of lab materials with everything needed to carry out the experiments.”.

Education without compromise.

Navigate theories on the age of the earth, the dinosaurs, and human evolution with ease and without compromising your children’s developing faith. The Rainbow teaches the Truth while exposing the fantasies of humanistic theories. A brief Parent Fortification is provided to give you the confidence you need in guiding your children.

Finally, the tools you need to teach science — all in one place!

With The Rainbow textbook, the Teacher’s Helpers, the Home Laboratories, and the Laboratory Workbooks, you will need nothing else! Just buy some distilled water at the beginning of your school year. Everything else you need is included, and you don’t have to worry about trips to the store or searches around the house.

Cost effective.

We’ll save you from buying hundreds of dollars in unneeded equipment without letting you miss things your kids should see and know. Each yearly purchase covers everything your child needs for that year. The Rainbow textbook, the Teacher’s Helpers, and the Durable Equipment portion of the Home Laboratory Sets are all reusable. The Laboratory Workbooks and certain supplies and chemicals in the Home Laboratories are renewable for each student.

The Rainbow - A La Carte

What to order.

Do you have multiple students?

After purchasing a complete set for your first student, you can save big by ordering only what you need for each additional student.

What does a first-year student need?

The first-year student will need The Rainbow textbook (a two-year textbook) and the Year One Lab Workbook, Durable Equipment Set and Renewable Supplies.

The second-year student will require the Year Two Lab Workbook, Durable Equipment Set, and Renewable Supplies.


All experiments are intrinsically safe. They are specially selected using scientific principles to safely demonstrate the facts, right in your own home.

Field trips.

Spend as much or as little time in the field as your busy schedule will allow. Kids can learn from their local museum, arboretum, greenhouse, plant nursery, farm, park, zoo, water treatment plant, or university, as well as their own backyard. We have a treasure trove of suggestions.

A complete curriculum.

We combine two lessons and one lab exercise per week for approximately 32 weeks per year leaving flexibility and freedom in your school year. The first year covers physics and chemistry, and the second year covers biology and applications of science. The curriculum and the Home Laboratories are completely self-contained.

What Homeschoolers Say…

“We LOVE your products!  My oldest son is in 7th grade this year.  At the MTHEA fair last year we purchased your Rainbow 1st year.  Stanley is loving Science even more than he used to. Being able to focus on the core principles and experiments is making him consider a career in the science field.  I couldn’t be more excited myself.  His enthusiasm has made his younger brothers thirst for the same experience.  I had the worst time year after year trying to find a science program that would engage my kids, have real experiments (not just arts and crafts), and make me feel like the might actually remember this down the road. Bravo to you!”

“. . . Having gone through the preparation of a scientist, I knew what I was looking for in a science curriculum, while not having much luck finding quality instruction for the homeschooler. Your text arrived yesterday . . . I am excited, I am thrilled to have at long last found (The Rainbow). Thank you for writing such an outstanding curriculum. It will form the backbone of my science recommendations for jr. higher at the Classical Christian Homeschooling website.

“It is with great delight that I take an opportunity to talk about The Rainbow before our home school support group. We are enjoying the program immensely–I for the clear concept of each lesson, and my daughter for the kid-friendly explanations.”

“This a COMPLETE curriculum…EVERYTHING they will ever need to do their labs is included. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in curriculum. I’m sounding like a “rep” for Rainbow, but I’m not …I couldn’t speak highly enough about it, even if I were!”

“Those of you who have multiple children coming at you each day needing supplies … will truly appreciate the effort the Dobbinses have gone to to include everything possibly needed for each experiment. The humor helps me get through the grading of what is normally a very dry subject. The kids get a kick out of the humor, too. They have done an outstanding job with the packaged set and I highly recommend it.”

“I had to write and thank you for your wonderful science curriculum! We are a few weeks into it, and my son can’t wait to do more. We have tried many other science books, but yours is the best! Please keep up the good work!”

“I wanted to express my appreciation that (The Rainbow) is so well-organized and easy to implement–as a homeschool mom who is also working full time (nights), I consider that to be a real advantage.”

“We have enjoyed reading the first six or seven sections of The Rainbow. We appreciate your Christian point of view and your style of humor . . . You have the ability to explain concepts in a clear and concise (and humorous) way. Thank you! We are very happy with our decision to purchase your curriculum!”

“Special strengths of The Rainbow: Systematic, sound, thorough explanations and a non-threatening style; Style of presentation (encourages) as much independence as the parents wish; Author flavors text with humor; Strong flavor of reverence–the attitude of a heart deeply struck by wonder at God’s hand in things; Complete supplies . . .fully equipped . . .”

“Thank you for caring enough to give other homeschooling families your knowledge and love of science, it IS God’s world!”

“We have been using The Rainbow curriculum and are very pleased with the program. This has definitely been our best year ever as far as science is concerned . . .”

“I think (The Rainbow) is fabulous. The reading lessons are short but full of concepts terminology, illustrations and beautiful pictures/photographs. The lab book is written to the child so the can do most of the work independently . . . written in a humorous, but not condescending, manner.”

“My son, 12, and I started The Rainbow this fall and it is the highlight of our day at school. We enjoy the great textbook and it is wonderful having all the equipment available to complete the experiments. We love your sense of humor and are having a great time.”

“Thank you so much for writing The Rainbow! My 11-year old son is currently working on the program and he’s eating it up! We’re fairly new homeschoolers . . . finding an appropriate science program was challenging . . . From day one, he hit the ground running with The Rainbow.”

A continuing curriculum

Follow The Rainbow through your student’s eighth or ninth grade equivalent. The Spectrum curriculum is available for high school students. Also look at The Colors: the pre-teen’s pre-science curriculum. Stay with The Rainbow and its companions throughout your child’s education.